A Few Words About ZEGGA Communications

Multi-dwelling-unit applications require the technology and experience that ZEGGA Communications provides.

ZEGGA Communications and our proprietary ZEGGA Box Solutions provides Complete Voice, Internet and Television Solutions for Apartments, Condominiums, Townhouses, Garden Style Hi-Risers, Office Buildings, Institutions, and more!

Our goal at ZEGGA is to provide you and your residents with seamless customer service and the product pricing and delivery information they need during a single phone call. And if they call back, we want to be able to provide "airline-reservation" efficiency in knowing exactly what went on the first time they called.
Customers at every instillation are given a unique service phone number and this number is is linked to a custom dashboard that enables our service reps to immediately access a detailed overview of their system and any historical problems and solutions. Providing this level of service is the core of ZEGGA's mission. This operating philosophy is the cornerstone of ZEGGA's strategic vision and culture.
Our customers have come to trust that their primary points of contact our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are totally reliable in addressing their needs. Dedicated and highly trained on products, services and the organization, CSRs are the backbone of support to an entire company committed to customer satisfaction. ZEGGA is proud to have been acknowledged time and time again for our award-winning service and support, and is dedicated to providing that same level of service into the next century.
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